A Rolling Start

Welcome to the Hudson Valley Regional Farmers Market!
What began as a small conversation about local food and local people
has grown and blossomed into a new market which we hope will grow
and nurture our community on the many levels. The mission of this market
is to to serve as a community gathering place where local farmers,
producers, and artisans can offer fresh agricultural and related products.
We hope to improve public health nutrition options by providing
a vehicle to educate the community on nutrition and good health, provide
access to local food choices and assist area farmers, producers, and
artisans with sustainable business opportunities. Our market hopes to
generate a sense of local pride while furthering the economic development
of our community. Our aim is to become a community-hub where
people of all ages and abilities can come together for an equal
opportunity to access goods, knowledge and learning experiences.
This season, the Winter Market will be open every Sunday from January
18, 2015, to May 31, 2015, from 11 am to 3 pm. The Winter Market
footprint will be located in the lower level of the HVCPA building and
we are proud and excited to showcase vendors including: Vegetables,
fruit, meat, fish, jams, bread and baked goods (gluten free too!), eggs,
mushrooms, food artisans and specialty items from local growers and
The Hudson Valley Regional Farmers Market along with HVCPA
are committed to our joint mission of creating programs and providing
opportunities for employment for people of all ages and all abilities.
The Hudson Valley Farmers Market hopes to exemplify its connections
to the community as it provides local economic opportunity as it
showcases sustainability for growers and producers. Join us and meet
old friends, make new friends and eat well, be well!

For more information please contact: (845) 878-9078 ext. 4115.
We look forward to seeing you at the market